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Why My Mom? Champion Conversations Healing Momma Trauma

Why My Mom? Champion Conversations Healing Momma Trauma

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WARNING Playing this Game Will Heal Generations!

  • Introducing the wildly popular healing resource helping true Champions T.K.O. their Momma Trauma once and for all! 
  • Get ready to regain your personal peace and unlock FREEDOM through necessary conversations.

Why My Mom® card deck is the leading resource in personal healing!

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Care Instructions

Just like a typical card game, please refrain from getting the cards wet. Keep in a dry area.

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Trauma Ain't Normal®

Why My Mom? ®

Champion Conversations Healing Momma Trauma!

 WARNING- Playing
this Game Will Heal Generations!

  • Players 2+

    Ages: MA

    Content 72 cards + game instructions.

  • About the Creator

    From the Award-Winning Creator of Why My Mom? ®
    Anthology and Film, Quniana “Author Q” Futrell

    Award-winning Storyteller. Speaker. Transformational Coach. Philanthropist. Leader of Champions.

    While Quniana Futrell holds several titles, when you meet her, you meet a woman whose purpose cannot be contained. Whether you are
    experiencing her from behind the camera, front, and center on a stage with a microphone, or in intimate conversation, what you see is what you get.

    Living her life by the motto, "Change the Family, Change the World® Quniana Futrell is the epitome of resilience. An award-winning director and executive producer, her docu-series, Why My Mom, grapples with the deep-seated issues few can tackle and tell with such
    compassion and humanity.